Born in 2020 as a homegrown enterprise with sole proprietorship, the Centre for Sustainable Development was set up to serve the development sector as a private-sector Business Development Service Provider. In 2021, CSD was registered as a Partnership Firm focused on the development sector with a specialization in Research, Training, and Social Enterprises, and Business Development.
In February 2022, the Centre for Sustainable Development (Pvt) Limited was registered as a Private Limited Firm registered with the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under section 16 of the Companies Act (XIX 2017) in the Government of Pakistan. It expanded its services of Research, Training, and Development to Livelihood, Governance, Gender, Institutional Development, and Enterprise and Business Development. The Centre for Sustainable Development philosophy and values are interwoven in its very name i.e. empowerment, creativity, and integration:
The services provided by company were expanded to Health & Nutrition and Peace, Education & Life skills and the firm took measures to strengthen the institution by devising advantageous policies and SOP's for staff. The Center for Sustainable Development is a mission to "Mobilize and motivate vulnerable communities through different aspects, provide those opportunities so that they play an effective role for sustainable development in the society” enabling youth for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), social development, and strengthening youth for change. CSD’s envisions building young policy researchers and development practitioners through building self-capacity and inspiring young people to understand and engage with social issues so that they can initiate and lead citizenship action and bring about social change in their own communities. As part of an escalating interest around the globe in the role of young researchers as leaders of social change. CSD’s started Research for Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI’s) aiming to strengthen the voices of youth for ensuring their quick access to prevailing basic fundamental rights. It will sensitize, encourage and motivate relevant stakeholders for recognizing and upholding youth rights.
We also executed a similar program in collaboration with various international partners and governments to develop an innovative system that could guarantee the protection and promotion of human rights for every citizen in a systematic and sustainable way.

our Mission

To be research and development consulting company with a mission to bring about sustainable socio-economic change through build capacity development initiatives for empowering, institutions and community.

our Vision

We seek a world where communities, and institutions individuals are more empowered and poverty, inequality and discrimination has been overcome including empowerment in Pakistan.

Our Objectives

1) To create formal and non-formal options for the children deprived of access to education and eradicate child labor in the target communities.
2) To provide vocational training to illiterate youth to learn different marketable skills to earn their respectable living.
3) To work for the economic and social uplift of the women self-help, social organization, micro crediting, enterprises development and capacity building.
4) To organize primary health care services through medical camping, mobile clinics and health and hygiene education to the communities living in extreme poverty.
5) To aware people of their human rights and provide legal aid to victims of human rights violations especially women and children.
6) To build up the capacities and skills of the community members and associated groups through trainings, exposures, and study circles on different social topics.
7) To organize relief and rehabilitation interventions for the communities affected by natural and man-made disasters.

Core Values

We practice and promote high values and make every effort to enforce these values at official and personal level. These values are:
• Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and accountability in relationships with our partners, clients and each other.
• Freedom from all forms of discrimination.
• A climate of respect and openness in expressing views and taking decisions
• Commitment and Dedication to a humanitarian cause and respect and dignity for all

Our Experts

CSD`s ability to impact communities is driven by the inspired efforts of our team. Our staff and leadership it’s the passionate individuals who come together that make it all possible.

Saifullah Channa

Chief Executive Officer

Majid Kalwar

Assistant Finance & Admin

Piyaro Khan

Training Program Officer

Zahida Solangi

Advocacy Program Officer